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Plumettaz group acquires HMS Machines BV and Infrarent BV in the Netherlands

The Plumettaz Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of HMS Machines BV and Infrarent BV effective February 13, 2020.

Based in Gouda, NL, HMS Machines BV is a long-time service partner and added-value distributor of “Plumett” products in the Netherlands, and an established player in the Dutch market. The company is also complemented by Infrarent BV, its rental business for equipment in cable-laying applications.

As part of the Plumettaz Group, HMS and Infrarent will continue their operations as a direct channel to our customers and strengthen Plumettaz’ footprint and insights into strategic markets. They will complement and support further Plumettaz’ strategy to provide added-value solutions and digital-enhanced products, and will enhance our contact to the market, OEMs, and end-users.

Based in Bex, the Plumettaz Group is the world leader in cable laying equipment.

Mr. Philippe Prat, CEO of Plumettaz Holding : “Having HMS and Infrarent joining us is a significant move for Plumettaz. We are strengthening our position in a key market while benefiting from the large experience of Rick and his team of professionals, to be closer to the end users”

Mr. Rick van der Sluis, MD of HMS : “After years of close work together, I am excited about this combination and the opportunities that are now opening for HMS and Plumettaz as part of an integrated group”