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Digital Services

Illustration of the Monitoring service

Keep an eye on your cable laying machines operating in the field

Remote Monitoring is a Digital Service that allows you to monitor your Plumett machines in real time, to geolocalize your machines in the field, to analyze historical data, to diagnose potential issues, to do statistics about the usage and behaviour of your machines, to generate automatic alerts and to access to your job reports instantenously.

Which benefits?

  • Protect your investment and amortize your machine faster
  • Be more efficient than your competitors
  • Reduce the duration of your installation sites projects
  • Increase your machine uptime and team performance
  • Take the right decisions based on real and accurate data
  • Prevent any issues to get your machines available when you need them

How does it work?

Your Plumett machines are securely and automatically connected to the Plumettaz Connect Platform through the GSM network. You just have to subscribe the Remote Monitoring service to have access to your data, from anywhere and at anytime.