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Cable Pulling Winches

Push the Boundaries

Our cable pulling winches

Capstan-winch on trailer

The trailers provide you extra flexibility to keep you on the road while enjoying all Capstan winch benefits.

Max pulling force: 20 - 30 kN (2000-3000 kg).

Capstan winch

A compact and light Capstan winch series that combines a robust performance and yet an easy operation.

Max pulling force: 11 - 20 kN (1100-2000 kg).

Pole winch

Poles as well got their specific winch series to build and maintain the overhead line network in the most suitable way.

Rope dia: 6-7 mm.


Overhead line networks are installed or maintained directly from the ground with the RDWH 1500 series.

Hydraulic coil loading. Pulling force: 15 kN. Adjustable speed 0-100 m/min.