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Winches for building maintenance

The Syncrowinch model SW 500 is available according European Safety Standard EN 1808 (2015) for Building Maintenance Units (BMU).

The SW 500 hoist is manufactured out of top quality materials. All required safety devices are integrated. The compact design of the SW 500 allows an easy installation to the gondola.

The main frame of the SW 500 hoist incorporates all components such as twin drum drive assembly, rope layering device, safety block with shock absorber, overload and underload sensor, top limit and ultimate limit switch, tilt sensor, terminal box with multi-pin connecting plug to connect control box.

The main frame acts as a stirrup which is fixed by 2 fastening points to the floor of the gondola. A third fastening point is located at the upper guardrail for lateral stability.

Picture of a SyncroWinch without gondola

Compared to a traction type hoist, the SW 500 powered twin grooved drum system with differential and rope layering device ensures a much longer rope life and eliminates the common risk of rope jam.

The annual inspections are simple and few replacement parts are needed.

Following safety features are included in the SW 500 hoist:

  • overload and underload sensor;
  • empty drum limit switch;
  • tilt sensor and brake;
  • slack rope sensor with emergency brake on each suspension rope;
  • shock absorber for emergency stop;
  • speed limiter for manual controlled descent;
  • manual emergency stop (for single suspension cradle); and
  • top and ultimate limit switch.

Technical data of the SW 500 EN:

  • lifting capacity: 500 daN;
  • maximum rope length: 190 m Ø 6,5 mm DIN 5038x;
  • lifting speed: 9 m/min;
  • total weight (without rope): 121 kg depending on drum size;
  • weight of 6,5mm rope per 100m: 17.9 kg;
  • power supply : 3 x 380 - 460 V / 50 Hz / 60 Hz / 1 kW; and
  • overall dimensions: 660 x 554 x 1624 mm.
A schematic drawing of a SyncroWinch

Unique benefits of the Syncrowinch SW 500

  1. Unique two rope winch system with 50%-50% load distribution, eliminating rope jam;
  2. Electrical powered twin grooved drum drive with differential, securing a permanent wire rope load distribution (50%-50%);
  3. No additional stirrup require. The hoist frame incorporates all necessary equipment and safety;
  4. Easy attachment of the hoist frame to the gondola structure;
  5. Automatic rope layering system avoiding rope jumping;
  6. Stop-falling device with emergency brake on each rope and shock absorber (providing a shock-load factor < 2);
  7. Integrated wiring. Only one multi-pin plug fitted to the terminal box;
  8. Quiet running.

Other standard built-in features

  1. Overload and no-load sensor;
  2. Slack rope sensor;
  3. Manual brake release for controlled descent in the event of power failure;
  4. Hand wheel for manual lifting;
  5. Built-in electrical and mechanical anti-tilt or emergency stop device;
  6. Top and ultimate limit switch.