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Digital Services

Digital Services

At Plumettaz, we believe that in a fast-paced world, digital solutions become imminent. As a worldwide leader in the production of optical fiber and power cables installation equipment, we work relentlessly to invent and patent several key technologies in this field.

In this regard, we have developed two trailblazing & powerful digital services :

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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring enables you to monitor in real time all your cable laying machines operating in the field within a touch of hand, from anywhere and at any time, 24/7. Stand out from your competitors and make savings on different levels thanks to an easy access to a range of information about the machines' capabilities (production speed, type of cable installed, identification of any defects).

Illustration of JetPlanner service
JetPlanner™ 4.0

JetPlanner™ 4.0 is the only software solution that accurately simulates cable installation for all the usual cable installation methods and considering all the relevant physical phenomena (Gravity, capstan effect, friction, buckling, stiffness, etc…), based on scientific theory, industry best practices, field expertise and regulations.

Why use our digital services ?

Whether it's being able to keep an eye on your cable blowing, cable floating and winches machines or simulating a cable installation, using our key digital services has a direct effect on your machines lifespan and the cabling installation efficiency in general.

Our digital services allow you to:

  • Increase your machines uptime, amortize them faster and protect your investment.
  • Take fast decisions based on in-time accurate data.
  • Be more efficient than your competitors.
  • Ensure the long-term training of your teams.
  • Reduce significantly financial and time risks related to cable installation.