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The Lubricator allows for significantly extending the "jetting" distance while reducing stress on the equipment when encountering tortuous trajectories.

For cables Ø 0.8 to 18 mm and ducts OD 3 to 50 mm.


The Y-Connector is used to optimize available space in an existing occupied duct and allow for installation of a second cable, or multiple microducts when "jetting, blowing or floating" cables.

For cables Ø 9 to 36 mm and ducts OD 20 to 63 mm.

Figaro - Figarino

The Figaro / Figarino is a useful accessory to the "Jetting" system allowing to increase your daily production, particularly when the total drum length to be installed exceeds the installation capacity of the available "Jetting" unit(s).

For cables Ø 4 to 24 mm

Air after-cooler

Dramatically improve "Jetting" performances with this accessory when  ambient temperatures exceed 20°C (68°F).  This accessory is highly recommended to increase distance, installation speed, and reduce the potential of cable damage due the undue influence of high heat on cable jackets.


Because cable laying performance also depends on the stability of your drum.

Max. drum weight : 500-6000 kg. OD max. of the drum : 1200-2800 mm.

Cable drum trailer

This trailer combines versatility and handling to allow you to set up quickly and safely.

For drums of Ø 1200 - 2400 mm with a max. width of 1200 mm. Max. drum weight : 1350 kg.


The ideal lubricant to install cables and micro-cables into ducts.

Floating kit

Equipment for cable floating with water designed for longhaul cable installation.

Multi-duct (MD) accessory

When the simultaneous installation of several micro-ducts becomes possible and allows you to optimise existing networks.