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Cable Pushers

Our cable pushers

Cable feeder

This series of compact, lightweight and hydraulically driven cable pushers enhance cable installation distances and ease of use in traditional infrastructures such as trenches, ducts or tunnels.  Combined with winching they reduce the stress of pulling while increasing cable life.

Max. feeding or pushing force: 6000 N. Admitted cable Ø: 8 - 160 mm.


The Rod&Roll pushes the rod to optimize the usage of the actual infrastructure in place, enables to rehabilitate the existing network.

For rods up to Ø 15 mm and cables Ø 8-20 mm


Large power cables for the energy distribution are in the hands of the Watucab™, which can handle the highest requirements and offers several options to interconnect the grid.

Max. pushing force 1350 daN. Admitted single cable Ø 45 - 160 mm. Admitted triple cables Ø 3x 25 - 3x65 mm.


The Snake-Eye™ supports you to put clarity in the underground infrastructure that need further installation, revamp or rework.