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Digital Services

Illustration of the JetPlanner service

Simulates installation of cables in ducts and on rollers!

JetPlanner 4.0 is a Digital Service that allows you to simulate the installation of cables in ducts and on rollers, for single cable, bundle of cables and also in occupied ducts. This is the only solution that simulates accurately cable installation for all the usual cable installation methods and considering all the relevant physical phenomena.

JetPlanner 4.0 embeds 30 years of theorical and practical experience of Plumettaz in cable installation, directly accessible to you !

Which benefits?

  • Accurately plan and prepare cable installation before to go in the field
  • Instantly know if an installation is feasible or what to do to make it happen
  • Do the cable installation job correctly the first time, saving time and money
  • Avoid cable damages and unexpected issues during the installation
  • Optimize distance, reduce splices and manholes
  • Master cable installation processes and improve the efficiency of your team
  • Prove your professionalism to your customers

How does it work?

JetPlanner 4.0 is very easy to use. No installation is required. You just have to subscribe to the service and you will receive a personal license accessible through your web browser.

Which version do you need?

  • Starter:
    For Push, Pull and Push-Pull methods.
  • Advanced:
    For Push, Pull, Push-Pull, Jetting and Floating methods
  • Watucab™ Edition:
    For Push, Pull, Push-Pull, Jetting, Floating, Water push-pull and Free-Floating methods.