Telecom pictogram


Logo of Snake-Eye™



The Snake-Eye™ supports you to put clarity in the underground infrastructure that need further installation, revamp or rework.

The Snake-Eye™ is designed to find a way through an already occupied duct to install a new cable using its articulated head with camera, hook and lighting.

This system makes the most of existing infrastructure by using any space still available in the ducts, thus increasing the capacity of the existing network and reducing civil works and excavation work in the streets.

With its video system, the Snake-Eye™ can take snapshots or videos of the networks being traversed and a measuring system located on the reel makes it possible, at any time, to know where the robotic head is in the network, as well as the distance of rod placed.



Mono-segment head with camera and hook

Control box with display

Speed and distance indicator VL 20