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The Plumettaz Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Jakob Thaler GmbH Kabelverlege- und Spulmaschinenfabrik, effective November 22, 2022

Based in Bad Bramstedt, Germany, Jakob Thaler GmbH is a notably known company for its complete product line of winches and drums trailers. With this operation, the Plumettaz group reinforces its position as a global solution supplier for the Telecom and Energy market by integrating the very complementary line of products developed and produced by Jakob Thaler.

As part of the Plumettaz Group, Jakob Thaler will continue their operations as a manufacturer of winches and trailers while also integrating Plumettaz jetting equipment in their portfolio.

Based in Bex, the Plumettaz Group is a world leader in cable laying equipment.

Mr. Philippe Prat, CEO of Plumettaz Holding: “Having Jakob Thaler GmbH joining us is a historical moment for Plumettaz. We are allying the strength of two renowned companies to form immediately a leading powerhouse with a complete solution offering for the Telecom and Energy cable laying industry. We are thankful to the former owners and the management team of Jakob Thaler to have endorsed Plumettaz’s vision and are delighted to bind our future to Jakob Thaler while entering in the 100th year of Plumettaz history”

Mrs. Brigitte Loose, Managing Director of Jakob Thaler: “After years of more or less distant competition, I am excited about this combination and the opportunities that are now opening for Jakob Thaler as part of Plumettaz group”.