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Progress in Floating Sensor Fibers into Steel Tubes

Optical fibers have excellent sensing properties. They can be used for e.g. Distributive Temperature Sensing (DTS), finding application in Monitoring Power Cables, Pipes for Oil and Gas, both Wells and Transport, Steam Pipes in Power Plants, etcetera. Often the fibers (or small cables) are installed in (2-6 mm) steel tubes. This can be done by floating with water or alcohol, a technique described in this paper. Extremely long (>10 km) uninterrupted installation lengths are demanded. A challenge in such small tubes, even with high pressures of 100 bar or more. Special equipment has been developed, handling such pressures and allowing accurate control of the installation. Feasibility of installation of 5.2 km with 80 bar has been proven already. Higher pressure and a sonic head will be used to further extend this length.

Proc. 65th IWCS (2016) 59-66. Also presented at IWCS Shanghai (2017), paper 10-2
W. Griffioen, Y. Chappuis, S. Grobety