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Installing Array Cables between Offshore Wind turbines, from Land! FreeFloating over 40 km?

Energy cables can be installed in pipes with help of water. There are several techniques for this, developed at Plumettaz under the “umbrella name” Watucab: WaterPushPulling, Floating, MultiPig and FreeFloating. With the latter technique cables, first installed with WaterPushPulling, can be further transported to any convenient destination by the sole action of water. The presentation at ICC was about the latter technique, focussing on its limits. It is possible to reach installation speeds up to 60 m/min, without the risk of cable and duct damage at a sudden cable stop. Also a combination of 40 m/min installation speed and 40 km transport length is possible. This makes the technique feasible to install from shore the inter array cables of offshore wind turbines, up to 40 km away from shore.

ICC meeting, Scottsdale, AZ (U.S.A.), 20-23 October (2019).
W. Griffioen