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Blowing optical cables in the Netherlands

A blowing technique for the installation of commonly used fibre optic cables into ducts is described. A drag force is distributed along the cable length by means of high speed airflow, avoiding exponential pulling force built-up in curves and undulations of the trajectory. With the described blowing system (CABLEJET), installation lengths (almost independent of trajectory geometry) and speeds have increased by a factor of more than 2 compared with pulling techniques, while forces exerted on the cable are an order of magnitude lower. The blowing units can easily be used in cascade. The Netherlands PTT has experience in installing more than 10000 km of trunk cable with the blowing technique. Recently, the blowing technique is used in a "fibre to the home" field trial. (PDF) Blowing optical cables in The Netherlands. Available from: [accessed Jan 09 2019].

Proc. EFOC/LAN '91 (1991) 83
W. Griffioen, H.A.L.M. de Graaf