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Installing Temperature Sensing Fibers into Steel Tubes

In pipes for oil and gas there is a need to accurately control and monitor temperatures or other parameters. Distributed Temperature or Acoustic Sensins (DTS or DAS) with optical fibers is a technique used for this. In many applications the optical fibers (or small cables) are inserted into small (few mm) steel tubes, pre-installed in or around the pipes. In this paper a technique is described where the fibers are floated in with water (or other liquid) under pressure. Optical fibers upcoated to 485 μm have been installed over 3 km with 90 bar water pressure. Higher pressures (and installation lengths) are possible becouse the fiber pay-off is placed inside a pressure tank connectedd to the installation equipment. By adjusting the mechanical pushing force exerted on the fiber, it can be installed with extremely low stress.

ADIPEC 9-12 November (2015) Paper SPE-177500-MS
L. Gapany, S. Grobety, W. Griffioen