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New approach to installation of offshore wind energy cables

To reduce costs for offshore wind parks, a method to installing non-armoured MV and HV cables into PE pipes has been developed, alternative to direct installed armoured cables. Pipes are sunk by filling them with brine. After they are in safe position, the cables are installed by floating with the same brine. Surprisingly long lengths (>10 km?) can be reached. Impact test were done to prove the excellent cable protection by the pipe. Trials (shore and semi offshore) are described, also performing Intelligent Pigging. Stop-and-go tests (12 days) demonstrated the ability to install (from land?) long cables with vulcanized joints.

Proc Jicable, Versailles, 21-25 June (2015) paper B4.1
W. Griffioen, C. Gutberlet, J. Mulder, L. Højsgaard, W. Grathwohl, H. Bringsell, J. Sørensen, N.J. Borch-Jensen