PLUMETTAZ is proud to be major contributor to "cable in pipe" innovation, implemented in the Nissum Bredning Project.

On May 12th, the Danish minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate, Lars Christian Lilleholt inaugurated the 28 MW demonstration offshore wind farm in Nissum Bredning.

The main purpose of the project is to contribute via specific test elements to further reduction of LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) for offshore wind energy.

IntelliJet - now in Series-Production

The first semi-automatic cable blowing machine with installation assistant and electronic blowing data recorder.

The new IntelliJet is a pioneering, intelligent cable blowing system that facilitates the laying of fibre optic cables for the machine operators and improves installation quality.

Cable layers as well as customers benefit from these improvements.

DYNAF - Dynamic Friction Tests

Plumettaz developed a test bench where dynamic friction can be tested in real jetting (blowing) conditions, in order to determine the coefficient of friction (COF) between a cable and duct/micro-duct.

This service is provided to cable and duct manufacturers, chemical companies, as well as other partners and customers.

The latest tests are described in the attached News Letter from Nexans about their CablOmix cable. It was the first time that the COF was measured in a helicoidal duct contained in a Medium Voltage cable.

The new LUBRICATORS are now available

Lubrication of cable and duct/microduct has a large beneficial effect on cable jetting (blowing), increasing significantly the achievable installation distance.

The Plumett cable Lubricators (patented) are easy to use and result in high efficiency in cable installation

Cable in Duct Installation by floating with water

Paper has been presented by Dr. Willem Griffioen at the IWCS (International Cable Connectivity Symposium) in Charlotte, NC, USA, in November 2013

Cable in Duct Installation: Lubrication Makes the Difference

Paper has been presented by Dr. Willem Griffioen at the IWCS (International Cable Connectivity Symposium) in Providence, USA, in November 2012

FTTH Conference 2012 in Munich, Germany / 14-16 Feb 2012

With more than 3,300 registered delegates, this event was once again the biggest FTTH conference in the world.

Jetting - Floating - Pushing - Pulling ?

Are you fully familiar with cable installation and the different methods ? Find out more about the latest techniques.

FTTH Conference 2011

More than 3.000 Participants at FTTH Conference from February 8th to 10th in Milan !

Plumett goes Youtube

Some of our products are shown on youtube under searchword Plumett.
The movie of our brand new award winning machine Snake-Eye as well as Sleevejack and Domojet can be watched.

Collaboration agreement between CTTS and PLUMETTAZ

CTTS are proud to announce the collaboration of global training support to the Plumettaz Cable Jetting product range. This comes in recognition of CTTS’s quality systems approach to training across Europe. CTTS is a recognised Centre of Excellence for Telecommunications and Fibre Optics Training and is a member of the FTTH Council Europe as well as Plumettaz. CTTS has training centres in the UK, Seville, Spain, Central Africa, Rwanda as well as the ability to deliver bespoke training worldwide.

Great success for the Snake-Eye at OFC/NFOEC in San Diego

Plumettaz through its American subsidiary Plumettaz Inc. presented its jetting program and the brand new award winning Snake-Eye at OFC/NFOEC (March 22-25, 2010) the world’s leading international conference for optical communications and networking professionals.

Joint press release Plumettaz-Swisscom Feb 2010

Fibre-optic expansion: Plumettaz & Swisscom win European innovation award

FTTH Coucil Europe 24-25 Feb in Lisbon

On 24-25 Feb, Plumettaz presented its brand new Plumett-Domojet®. Among the numerous machines in demonstration on the stand, we also showed the Plumett-Snake-Eye® which just received the 1st price in the category "Deployment and Operation Innovations" from the FTTH Council Europe Committee.
For more information on the PLUMETT-SNAKE-EYE® and PLUMETT-DOMOJET®, please refer to our section PLUMETT-NEW.

Plumett office in South East Asia

The Board of Plumettaz Holding has decided in his last meeting to open a representative office in Singapore.
The task of the office is to support the whole Plumettaz Group Businesses in the South East Asian region.
Obviously the main task is to help the company growth.
Mr Gérard Plumettaz will gradually assume the role as the head of the new office from the 1st of May onwards.

Draka partners with Swiss cabling expert Plumettaz to combine resources for new FTTH productivity tools

Domojet : an innovative time and cost reducing device for branching fiber within customer premises

Innovation Award 2010 for Plumettaz at FTTH Council Europe

The Plumett-Snake-Eye / FTTH robot by Plumettaz & Swisscom won the 1st price in the category "Deployment and Operation Innovations"

ITU World Telecom in Geneva

Plumettaz took part to the 2009 ITU World Telecom in Geneva.


The SERVOJET is designed for the installation of any kind of telecommunication and
data transmission microcables with diameter 0.8 to 6 mm into pre-installed microducts.


The MICROJET PRM-196 is designed for jetting (air) telecommunication and data
transmission microcables (optical fiber, coaxial and copper quarts) with diameter 1 to 8
mm into pre-installed microducts.


The blowing head ULTIMAZ is designed for jetting, pushing/pulling indoor and outdoor
FTTH drop micro-cables with diameter between 0.8 and 4 mm.


The LUBRICATOR is an accessory designed for the continuous lubrication of microcables
in order to enhance longer installation distances at higher installation speed.

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